The Wedding Invitation: Available on Digital HD June 6th
By: Taylor Thompson
April 27, 2017

If you love outrageously hilarious comedies, inappropriate behavior, and girl-camaraderie (since we've ALL been single AF), The Wedding Invitation is just for you. 

It's been described as a cross between Bridesmaids & Sex and the City — two shows that have shaken the world of pop culture due to their booming fan base. And, with a sweeping number of film festival award wins, you're SURELY invited to a wedding you'll never forget. 

Starring comedy gurus and veteran actors like Rainy Kerwin, Camille GuatyEoin MackenChristina Ulloa, and Nick George, every scene is filled with mouth-watering dialogue that will make the tamest of audience members burst into a roar of laughter. You don't believe us? Watch the teaser below.

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