The Vibe is Fly
By: Asher Garcia
October 14, 2017

Music is nutrition for the soul. In the river of our dreams, exceptional melodies streamline
us in the right direction. Oftentimes, over other pleasantries in life, it is the euphony of a fine
tune which ultimately has the ability to lift our chins and pry us forth. In the following reviews, I
examine ten tracks which prove to do just this. In any case, these songs will nourish the parts of
us in need of sustenance.

“In the Light” by OYLS inaugurates with hypnotic grace. The sparkling introduction
knocks on our door like an electronic breeze. Willingly, we open it. The duration of the track
dazzles us through the night and into the light. It pulls listeners into a gleeful mood, as dancing
becomes compulsive. The notes of this song take clear inspiration from vintage synth-pop, while
electro heavyweight Hot Chip proves to be a key influence. The cohesion of sounds, the
singer’s charming voice, and the group’s contagious energy provide a magnificent staple to the
genre of indie electro. Stretch your toes, loosen your hips, and then put this song on repeat.


“California Vibes” by Kid Politics dispenses personal and easy-to-relate lyrics to the
backdrop of indie pop. The track places listeners on the western shoreline, and gently inspires
intimate reflection in the waves of time. The golden coast and its dreamy influence are the
vessels that sail this confident piece into the realm of wonder. The texture is levitating. The
singer sweeps us with melodic vocals/keys, the bass member guides our heartbeats, and the
depth of the drums expertly leads us into the sunset. This group has traces of MGMT in its
veins, but manages to develop its own authentic niche, thereby gifting the world with much-
desired original content. Golden vibes, for sure.


“Flame Of Love” by Marian&Sean pulsates the keys of romance. In the vein and
influence of K-Pop, this fascinating track gives us summer all year long. The bells of our joys
ring loud and clear throughout the rhythmic duration. Marian’s voice caresses our hearts and
jolts our step. Sean complements the vocals with expert EDM/dance beats. Following
absorption of this warm song, the burning desire to get a glimpse of love is rampant in listeners.
Cocktail in hand, sand between the toes, this jam effectively exhales a breath of fresh air in the
genre of pop. Let the love burn bright.


All The Rest is a made up of Jud Harris (drums), Tre Housman (bass/bgvs), Caleb
Smith (guitar/vocals), and Baylee Waller (guitar/vocals). This alternative group masters the
moods in their magnetic song “Ghost Heart”. Deriving inspiration from the post-punk era, these
talented musicians display sincerity in the track. They manage to speak to the collective
consciousness of a generation drowning in the cold waves of romance. The dynamics of the
tune ring true to those hearts sloshed in bottles and emptiness. The texture is haunting and
consistently relatable. While the transcendent musicality clocks in around 3 minutes, the
sensation of the track remains alive and eerily endeared.


“Clouds” by Kid Indigo is a festive measure of Indie Pop Rap. We are elated to be up
high in the dreamy blue sky with the talented musician, Madison Fischer. The commerciality of
the track is definite and capable of reaching a vast sea of listeners. The pulse of the beat carries
a cool swagger akin to the life-of- the-party showing up in chic stride to the sweetest bash in
town. Embracing this tune lifts your spirits, fills your drink, and provides ground undulation. Don’t
show up to another party without this jam.


Jack Vanity’s “Loving is Fine” is lyrically superior to most of the folk/indie rock genre
of today. The rhythmic stress points are poetic and masterfully considered. Father John Misty
and Jack Vanity hang from the same musical family tree, each branching out in intellectual
fashion. Much appreciated in this sensational tune, is the depth to which love is carefully
studied. The vocals are awake and introspective, and it is in the impulsive nature of the listener
to readily connect to Vanity’s sentiments. This is a beautifully crafted essay bouncing from the
page in musical form. Romance is a road riddled with bumps. The jangly melody is fascinating
and clap-inducing. Join in on the lively fun. Loving this track, is more than fine.


“Neon Heart” by Ace Harper is a groove through our own inner jungle. It is a catchy
venture into electric pop and the wizardry of love. The instrumental tempo matches the fluid
notes delivered by the spellbinding vocalist. Nostalgia simmers on each beat and erupts into a
volcanic splash of relational emotion in the chorus. The structure of the piece is as pitch-perfect as the pace is foolproof. Musically, the piece is both fitting as the soundtrack to one’s escape
down a long, lost highway or the centerpiece of a jolting dance party.


Barack’s “Victory” is a flood of grace and musical ingenuity. The acoustic guitar layers
paint the song’s portrait with sentimental hues of simplicity. The track affects us in more ways
than one, drawing on our connections to humankind while also spawning cheers for the future.
There is art and beauty on every street corner for those with their soul’s eye open. The texture
of the tune is effusive and ripe with dreamy atmosphere. The moonstruck chords launch a
melody for the stars, and we embark on a sensational venture towards the innocent feelings that
piece us together in life. Victory, indeed.


The powerful guitar riffs commencing “Dark Halls” by the alternative band
BADTALKERS lure us in, eyes closed, ears open. It is a mysterious trip through the dark halls
of a warped connection, ambiguous to a fragile extent. The background harmonics are cyclical
and crawly, layering our hypnosis with congruent themes. The guitar ostinato is a rhythmic
selection, accompanying our rapid journey through the song’s portal. Hailing from Los Angeles,
their outfit is fit to make their statement with an exclamation point. The dark halls grow evermore
bright for this team.


“Insomnia” by Charming Liars runs just less than 3 minutes, but commands our
attention throughout its sharp duration. The dynamics of the brass-knuckle track are loaded with
strength and passion. The vocalist belts with a sprawling range, levitating listeners into a cloud
of sleepless abnormality. The lyrics enchant and develop smoothly into the immense chorus,
which roars with a confidence unparalleled in the flock of new music artists. The stage shakes
under the vigorous direction of this talented band. Do not sleep on them.


There is no conclusion to the splendor of music. The pulse of its essence pledges
ceaseless potential in our lives. Though, I will ink my completion of this piece, by noting my
admiration and appreciation for these talented artists. No matter what the moments bring, be it
joy or grief, continue to make the most of it in your art, folks.