PHANGS: "Eyes Off You"
By: James Brookes
December 16, 2017

Nashville's latest electro pop band is the hottest flavor in town. Get your PHANGS out for their latest single, "Eyes Off You."

We don't fan girl much, but when we do, it's over the mouth watering new release from PHANGS. The light toned music and smooth vocals will leave you craving more! Easily comparable to LANY and The 1975, PHANGS brings another great addition to the electric pop genre so many rely on to clear their head.

Lucky for you, we've added "Eyes Off You" to the Gas Mask FAVORITES Playlist. Want more to sink your teeth in? Grab your copy on iTunes today!

Let us know how you're feeling with this new track. Hit us up at: @GasMaskMagazine