Flight Facilities ft. Broods, Reggie Watts and Saro: "Stranded"
By: Travis Ram
December 13, 2017

Flight Facilities has a new track, and a few guests you may have heard of. Read below!

With the amazing collaboration that consists of Flight Facilities, BroodsSaro and the man himself, Reggie Watts, it’s difficult to find the right words to give this track the review it deserves. That being said, with a masterfully crafted piece with perfect moving parts “Stranded” is definitely a song worth talking about. Not-to-mention have you seen the striking visual? Check it out below!

“Stranded” is epic from beginning to end with a complex concept. It's beautifully executed by all artists involved. Recorded across three continents and multiple countries, this track by nature takes you on a vast journey through intense vocal work, thought provoking lyrics, and a lovely layering of sound. As the song moves from piano playing, false starts and funky rhythm, intricacies are woven throughout to create the perfect listening experience. It'll leave you hungry for more!

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