10 New Tracks That Are A MUST
By: Asher Garcia
October 15, 2017

We need beats brimming with heart and gusto. We need songs that speak to our inner battles. We need musicality fresh out of the soul’s oven. Life is always brighter when the right playlist takes over—that's why we carefully constructed a new one JUST for our Gas Maskers. Drop us a line on Twitter (@GasMaskMagazine) to let us know your favorites!

Dylan Rockoff knocks the socks off.  “Say My Name” is a bluesy slice of classic rock. You’ll certainly say his name…to all of your friends and links to the music industry. Get this man signed.  He’s from Boston, MA, and he reps the city well. Forget the Patriots, New England needs more groovy noise like this. This track pulsates from his masterful album 115 Gainsborough. Take a bit of time to immerse yourself in it. The riffs resurrect the dead. Forget the defibrillator, put headphones on the patient in cardiac arrest and blast this beat. Revival is certain.


Afrojack ft. Mightyfools’ “Keep it Low” is a titan of a track. Afrojack is a mega force in the electronic house genre. Enter Mightyfools, and that makes two. They’re a duo who launched their ambitions together in 2008. Since then, they’ve drawn massive support from the likes of Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grand, Hardwell, and Don Diablo. With backing like that, you know you’re dealing with legitimate power in the EDM world. The night looks brighter with this track on, the energy rises, and life itself takes flight. 


“Go Alone” by Pacifico is an individualistic anthem. Celebrate the unique treasure in your chest, despite the fear that one may face by running solo. Lift your grit and sprint. This indie rock/alternative piece is ripe with mesmeric textures and special lyricism, evoking emotions in anyone with a cardiac chamber. The album Everest is on its way, and the band is touring its approaching brilliance. If the album brings us anything as sweeping as “Go Alone”, you can bet your bottom AND top dollar that this LP will rock the music world. 


Any act named WAFIA is guaranteed to bring transcendence and a special sort of eminence. As if her eponym wasn’t enough, the track “Bodies” proves WAFIA is en route to the throne. The production value is astounding. The piece is laced with graceful vocals and poetic lyrics superior to the musical droves following her lead. Signed to the record label Future Classic, I think the name fits the client. “Bodies” is well on its way to parties, nights home alone, bus rides, and all the sensual spots of life. Jam it. WAFIA is organized rhyme, primed to run the streets. 


“Lightning” by the indie pop rock act James Wyatt Crosby is a gem in the genre. At the start of 2017, leader Crosby left his previous band Garbagio to record the excellent Twins this year. This tune goes well with coffee and cereal, the perfect supplement to start your day. Vitamin C, if you will. The melody infused with the metrical lyricism expresses the idea that the storm is just a piece in the puzzle. The inclusion of raindrops near the finality of the song is a wondrous choice, placing listeners in the environment with an ambiguous grin. We are all singin’ in the rain, folks.  


You catch a vibe here. In the wind, you float willingly with the wavy breeze of the beat. This is “Vibe” by Fly By Midnight. Hop on the band’s wagon, and don’t get off. The duo gifts ears with a retro-pop complete with nifty hooks and bubbly bridges. The zest of the melody is contagious, the verses enthrall with witty lyrics and polyrhythmic wizardry, and we listen closely to the echoes in the background. We want to absorb all the electric pop brilliance of this track. These clever fellas are from NYC. Apples raised them well. 


“Let it Out” defies gravity. This song by Kyle Denmead is all you need in the middle of the night with the lights out. The moody synth whispers sweet nothings into the atmospheric stratum of the tune’s creation. Denmead masters the melodic tones and unveils textures smooth enough to replace lotion. Light a candle with your lover, and set the sensual music on repeat. Following enjoyment of this song’s duration, be sure to check out his new single “Lies” on Spotify, for another fine display of electro pop/commercial talent. 


“Magnificent” by Speak, Brother is the newest single from this alternative group. The ranging intonations of the singer, complemented by the marching instrumentals, provide a flare in the sprawling woods of our relationships. It is a cry of adoration for our beloved counterparts. Sometimes, doubt is the prime ingredient in the recipe for self-esteem. It is up to us to fill this void in our significant others with assuredness and expressive fondness. The lyrics of this tune put these ideas on full display. The melody is confident in its development and the collaboration between this group from Rugby, Warwickshire, of all places, is evident in their brilliant output. 


The wondrously mysterious band Lady Electric haunts us with the impressive track “Stages”. There is no noticeable lady in the musical outfit, but this group of five talented men from Toronto certainly derives beneficial inspiration from a lovely muse. The artistic influence results in a levitating track, lifting listeners into a dreamy atmosphere loaded with layered synth notes, honest vocals, and surreal textures. This stage of consciousness is at once both hazy, yet desirable. Lady Electric was launched only this year in February. Thus far, their output promises massive success and magnetic wavelengths. 


Velvet & Stone summons eerie beauty in “Raise Your Ghosts”. This piece brings us to a rich graveyard bright with moonlit eyes and nostalgic winds. From Devon, UK this indie folk act lifts heart and soul into a song built from the ashes of our pasts. The vocals are fascinating in pitch and range, drawing us further into the haunting setting. The violin addition to the musicality adds an emotionally evocative piece to the experience. While the impressive lyrics may have been written over a brief period of time, it is evident that the roots of the words were planted long before in the wild winds of time. 

Musicians don’t just walk with their hearts on their sleeves. They tattoo them on their flesh. They are unafraid to voice their emotions, and all of us concaved inside, have them to thank. They speak to our storms rampant within, and help us expel the fears. Play on.