WORLD PREMIERE: Michael Tracy - "Still Got Soul"
By: James Brookes
November 10, 2017

Do you feel chills, strength, and the lingering vibration of a killer new song? If you don't, you're about to, Gas Maskers! We have the world premiere of Michael Tracy's new single.

Rightfully titled, "Still Got Soul" is the latest track from the indie rocker, and it's everything you've ever dreamed of. Encased with high energy, and the strongest performance of Michael to date, the soulful anthem is one to stop you in your tracks. 

The title track from the fourth studio album, "Still Got Soul" is available on iTunes on November 17th, creating the perfect gift for the holiday season. Order your copy today. Michael's witty lyrics and cohesive melodies will have you listening over and over again. In fact, we haven't stopped playing it here in the Gas Mask Studios.

We know, you can't get enough of the track. Lucky for you, the official music video is below.

Filmed on location in Seattle, "Still Got Soul" was shot to portray the nostalgic reminiscence of the analog age while still embracing the present and future. Enjoy the latest from an artist we've all come to know and love.

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