Photographer:   J.W. CUDD

Photographer: J.W. CUDD

Vacation Essentials: Everything You Need For Your Getaway!
By: Angie DeGrazia
September 5, 2016

     Vacation. YAY! It’s supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes your skin and hair just don’t want to cooperate. I travel a lot so here are my TOP TIPS to make your vacation, and you of course, as beautiful as possible!

Prepare That Hair 

     If you are going to a tropical paradise, bring the products you need to keep the frizz away. Leave in sprays are usually best; check out some of my favorites below. 

  • AG Deflect fast dry heat protection is great because it protects your hair from heat, not-to-mention it will blow-dry much faster.
  • It’s a 10 product line may be all you need. One of these products can do 10 things for your hair all in one bottle! 
  • If you want to go the distance, schedule a KERATIN treatment about a week before. Your hair will dry twice as fast with no frizz! It’s the best! 


  • At least two days before your trip, get a gel polish manicure. It will last you the duration of your trip without chipping. Have last minute packing to do? Don't worry about it—your nails will be strong and won’t get ruined!


  • Ok, this is my FAVORITE! Get your eyelashes tinted and your eyebrows dyed. Look great on the beach without eye smudges. Another plus? This will save you time putting on makeup. You will thank me for this one.
  • 'Direct Message' me on Instagram for a great esthetician in the Los Angeles area.
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Sun Protection

  • Bring your SPF!  You will most likely be outside most of the time sightseeing or relaxing, and let's be honest, no woman wants to carry a nasty sunburn back home.
  • SUN BUM Care Line is my favorite for scent (coconut) and its sprays are long-lasting. From lip balms to lotions, they have everything in between that you need with SPF.
  • Face: Grab a tinted moisturizer of at least 30 SPF; it's all you will need for makeup.
  • Lips: Don’t forget your lips! I like to use a high SPF lip balm of 30 or 50 and then use a tinted gloss for that extra pop of color.
    • Note: Try to avoid anything with sparkles. This will draw the sun TO your lips. 
    • Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother with sunscreen SPF 20 is my personal choice. You get a tint but with a little extra SPF! Perfect for on-the-go travels in case you don't make it back to the hotel.


  • This is the easy one. I know we all have drawers of them. If you can, bring those on your trip. Hair masks, shampoo, conditioner, etc . . . Sample sizes of everything make it easier for you to pack, and by the end of your trip, you will have more room in your suitcase to shop! No brainer.


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