Transviolet: "Astronaut"
By: Travis Ram
December 11, 2017

Transviolet first hit the music scene as a pop alternative fusion phenomenon in 2015. This summer, they came back with a vengeance when they dropped their sophomore project Kaleidoscopes. Although the New York based group has a lot of funky indie tracks out now, “Astronaut” is a song that we’ve got on replay all day. 

“Astronaut” tells the story of “an underdog turned juggernaut” through thought provoking lyrics and an ambient electro groove. The marrying of vocals and instrumentation on this track creates sensual and illustrious imagery wrapped up in lyrics to make you want to seize the night. Check out their latest music video below!

You can listen to “Astronaut” on the Gas Mask FAVORITES Spotify Playlist! Then, head on over to iTunes to purchase their EP Kaleidoscopes right here. 

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