The Soundtrack of Your Life
By: James Brookes
October 16, 2017

We scour the internet searching for them, attend shows with a friend who called at the last minute, or sometimes even stumbled on a track at a local bar. Either the case, we love our indie bands for essential new music that is not tainted by the large "factories" of modern day popular music. 

Here's to the underdogs, the artists and bands that we fall in love with over and over again. Check out these four kick-ass tracks/bands that will soon have you falling in love, as well! 

1. States & Capitals - "Drive"

With hints of the Killers, Fall Out Boy, and every other catchy pop/rock/alternative band that encompassed the first decade of the millennium, States & Capitals knows how to make a badass track. The catchy skill of the chorus draws you in like a moth to the flame. Not-to-mention the honest and wrenching vocals make you want to scream like you're at a rock concert. You can't help but put "Drive" on repeat and sing along. Did we mention this could be a potential BLOW UP track? Great job, guys. We're looking forward to the next one over here at Gas Mask. 


2. OKO ft. Rosie Darling - "L.A."

The absolute anthem to every artist living in the city, no one but OKO could say it better. "L.A." reignites the shimmering lights of the City of Angels and pushes all of the jaded feelings right out the door. Besides the pitch-perfect vocals by Rosie Darling and soft synth tones, the song immerses you with emotion. Simple but perfect. Aesthetically pleasing and youthful. Brilliant and fun. THANK YOU, OKO for giving summer a deadly kiss and supplying us with a warm and cozy track for the fall. Be sure to buy your copy of "L.A." on iTunes today. We did. Obviously.


3. Fan Fiqtion - "Go and Get It"

It's a breath of fresh air encumbered by witty lyrics and hooky beats. Needless to say, we had to "Go and Get It!" The pop sensibilities are laced with eclectic sounds to create the party atmosphere you've always wanted to dance to. Written and produced by Phoenix-based producer, Zion, "Go and Get It" is off Fan Fiqtion's new album: Winter Grass. Check out the lyric video below, and let us know your thoughts. We know you'll be hooked. 


4. Mihail - "Who You Are"

Okay, there's absolutely no way in hell you won't smile while watching this music video. The song goes above and beyond other commercial tracks by sticking to the pure roots of genius songwriting. By locking in a solid, simple hook, Mihail utilizes it to perfection bringing you in the palm of this hand. Shifting gears to the video, the black and white visual makes one focus on the strategic and blissful dancing and painting articulation of body movement. Not only does this justify the nature of such a clever song, it completely and utterly captivates you until the song sounds off. Give our boy, Mihail a follow on Instagram for all of his latest endeavors! Did we mention he's #1 on Radio Airplay in Romania currently?