The Katherines: "Great Big Blue"
By: Travis Ram
December 13, 2017

One of our favorite songs right now over at Gas Mask is “Great Big Blue.” It's the latest single by three incredible musical bombshells: The Katherines.

We could go ON AND ON about why we love this song—that sounds like it could be a masterpiece by Psapp—so we'll start with the main perfections:

A tune about being a slave to love and emotion, “Great Big Blue” is packed with dynamic detail and song structure. It has a sexy, hypnotic groove of snaps and synths backing a soulful, electro pop vocal. The lyrics are catchy, as they ironically serenade us about the desire to float away. The combination of all three elements makes for an electric, pungent track that we cannot get enough of!

Check out “Great Big Blue”on our Gas Mask FAVORITES Playlist OR on iTunes to purchase your copy!

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