The Hearts of Millions Can Beat As One
By: James Brookes
October 27, 2017

There's absolutely no easy way to handle an illness that has the potential to alter the future's perspective. Add two beautiful daughters, a husband of over twenty years, a heart that connects with her community every day and things get even more complicated.

Meet Laura Carmer—a Mother, Wife & Friend who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. 

As defined by the Mayo Clinic, "Hodgkin's lymphoma — formerly known as Hodgkin's disease — is a cancer of the lymphatic system. As Hodgkin's lymphoma progresses, it compromises your body's ability to fight infection." However, due to the marvels of modern medicine and research, treatment has given many people the opportunity to fight off the disease completely, making a full recovery. 

That being said, there is a large and well-known chance that survival can be achieved for Laura.

Here's the problem: In the painstaking days of October, financial distress fell upon the Carmer family after a whirlwind of heavy news, treatments and the red-tape of a very broken insurance system. To make matters even worse, Laura specifically, has a tumor that formed between her heart and lungs. Due to its placement and other variable factors, this is impossible to remove through a medical operation. Thus, chemotherapy is her only option for recovery.

If you've ever known someone who has dealt with chemotherapy before, odds are, they've told you it's not cheap. In fact, the price can sky rocket past 100,000 dollars for other external factors such as medications and tests that coincide with the ever-evolving procedures. That being said, we kindly ask you to please take a moment to donate to Laura's gofundme page (listed below). If you are able to give anything (even $1), the Carmer family would be greatly appreciative. In doing so, you'll receive 10% off any of our Gas Mask products. E-mail us your donation confirmation, and we'll hook you up with the code. It's that simple.

The truth is, Laura's family and husband (Josh Carmer) have been incredible friends to the Gas Mask team. Their friendship goes above and beyond, and we'd do absolutely anything to help. Without kind souls, beautiful hearts, and a bit of laughter, what's life? Please help us help them.