Stephen King's IT Teaser Will Leave You Horrified...Again
By: James Brookes
March 29, 2017

It was the insanely traumatizing movie that 90s kids and young millennials grew up with. It was the film that created your clown phobia, tainted your views of red balloons, and always added a shroud of doubt if you were actually really alone. IT is possibly defined as one of the most memorable films in horror due to its intrinsic way of manipulating the mental psyche in its audience. 

And like all good scares, Warner Brothers decided to re-create the original motion picture (almost) thirty years later with an entirely new team. Everyone's favorite clown, Pennywise, is played by Bill Skarsgård (Battlecreek), and the fresh look of the teaser leaves us anticipating what's to come on September 8th. 

Take your first look...if you dare.