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Star On The Rise: Bee Avila
By: James Brookes
March 10, 2017

If there's one thing we love at Gas Mask, it's the spark of new shows, creative content, and the arrival of fresh new talent. Allow us to introduce you to Bee Avila.

Lucky for you, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the up-and-coming actress to talk about her new show Cupid's Match. Read below to hear more about this exclusive Q&A, Gas Maskers!


1. First and foremost, where can viewers watch the new CW show, Cupid’s Match?

"Cupid’s Match is available for viewing on either the CW Seed app or at Also, on CW Seed’s Youtube channel." Bee Avila noted.

Don't worry though guys, you can also find links available on Bee's instagram at: @_sunnybee_.


2. With every new show comes a crazy roller coaster ride. What has the entire process been like for you?

She stated, "Well, a little bit of background...Written by Lauren Palphreyman, Cupid’s Match quickly became one of the most viral stories from Wattpad in 2017, garnering over 35 million reads online. Tongal, the CW, and Wattpad partnered together to develop the digital pilot, starting the process by leveraging the Tongal platform and filmmaking community to find talent to bring the book to life as a can’t-miss series.

"For me personally, I’ve worked closely with KR Squared Productions (Mother/Daughter creators of Cupid’s Match) since acting in their first feature Back to Awesome in 2014. They are brilliant and hardworking women, and when they invite you to come along for the ride, you always say yes. We started this process back in October—we made a teaser trailer—basically KR2’s vision for Cupid’s Match—and we were competing with two other production companies. Ultimately CW, Tongal, and Wattpad chose us and we went into pre-production for the Pilot. It was all very exciting and fostered a lot of teamwork and camaraderie among cast and crew; we were all in this together and really wanted to succeed. Honestly the cast & crew on this are some of my favorite humans on this earth. KR2 really has a way of cultivating a work family. Now we are all waiting with fingers crossed to find out if we’ll move forward with the rest of the series.

"Cupid’s Match stars Robert Palmer Watkins (General Hospital), Michel Janse & Dane Michael Oliver."


3. We've seen SO MANY crazy stills. PLEASE tell us about your character.

"Crystal is a badass. The pilot does not reveal too much of this, but fans of the book know that moving forward, Crystal is intense and awesome and you definitely want her on your team. I was initially drawn to this character because, like most people, I love strong female characters and portraying one is the dream. Crystal belongs to the world of “Cupids,” the gods and goddesses controlling us mere mortals, so besides mentally preparing for this, I had to physically prepare as well. I got serious about healthy meal plans and rigorous daily workouts. It was tough at the beginning, but I’m feeling strong these days, so thanks Crystal (or rather, Lauren Palphreyman for creating such an inspiring character)."


4. How has the response been in regards to the show?

"Fans of the book have been overwhelmingly supportive. Even before the pilot aired, they were in regular contact with KR2 and many of the cast, lending their positive energy, thoughts, ideas, requests." She chuckled. "Having an audience before having a show was a new, but super cool, experience. I definitely think it helped us craft something we knew the fans would appreciate. We really wanted to make them happy, and based off of their responses, I think we’ve succeeded! Everyone seems really anxious for new episodes. Tell CW! We want more, too!"


5. What’s next on the books or in the works?

"For Cupid’s Match, I think it’s a waiting game right now.  But once we get the green light from Wattpad or the CW, we are ready to hit the ground running. As for me...I’m just continuing the game! Writing, auditioning, whatever creative endeavor I can get my hands on.  A lot of time and energy right now is going to musical projects. My friend Adam Ilami and I have created the acoustic duo Sunset Sweetheart, and right now we are pretty busy writing music and gigging around town."


6. Speaking of Cupid, rumor has it you’re engaged! Tell us a little bit about the proposal and wedding planning.

"YES! The beginning of this year has been such a whirlwind. My fiance, Matt, proposed the day after Christmas on my parents’ land in East Texas (literally the exact spot where we will say “I Do” come October.) I was initially confused because it was FREEZING and I didn’t have a coat, and normally Matt would let me wear his, but on this particular day he was being really stingy with it, and just acting kinda weird in general. Turns out the ring was in his coat pocket sooooo I get it now.

"ANYWAY, he asked my mom to take a picture of us, just because, so I posed for the pic and then I looked at him and he was down on one knee. It was cold and beautiful and my parents and brother & sister were all there. It was an easy yes...We took some time to just enjoy it but now we are finally getting into wedding planning. My mom & sister fly out this month to go dress shopping and hopefully Save the Dates will go out soon (fingers crossed). My mom is convinced this wedding will be huge, which is fine with me. As long as I’m marrying Matt I’m not too picky about everything else."