Samantha Kromphold: "Slow Down"
By: Travis Ram
December 11, 2017

New Jersey singer Samantha Kromphold just released her acoustic single, “Slow Down!” Listen below.

The track is drunk with passion, honesty, and beauty. Get your cup of coffee and fireplace ready for this perfect winter tune. 

Samantha Kromphold is an indie pop singer and guitarist with a powerful, soulful voice reminiscent of Colin’s Caillat. “Slow Down” features pure lyrical artistry with a calming, nostalgic blend of acoustic tones to compliment her strong vocal quality. Kromphold’s sound, both vocally and musically, are crisp and refreshing, leaving listeners begging for more. With thousands of streams on Spotify, “Slow Down” is taking over the airwaves fast and swiftly.  Kromphold has expressed a very personal connection to this song, claiming it is her favorite piece right now. It’s one of ours too. 

Purchase your copy on iTunes to today!

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