RÒSA: "Stranger"
By: Andrew Klasnic
December 05, 2017

The west coast chill-vibes are strong with this new indie single by RÒSA!  

We’ve all felt like a “Stranger” at some point or another. “Stranger” gives us a pulsing, yet calm sound infused with soft vocal harmonies—making you want to cruise down the PCH in a convertible.  The smooth beat takes us on an all-too-familiar lyrical journey of trying to find love, while uncertain of how to figure out its complexities. RÒSA brings an in the zone type vibe that will be sure to put your mind at ease and wandering. This tranquil tune is a must add for all listener's relaxing weekend playlist.

Don't wait! Pick up your copy of "Stranger" on iTunes today. I know we did!

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