Photographer:   J.W. CUDD

Photographer: J.W. CUDD

Red or White?
By: Legend Of Veena
August 9, 2016

     The blessing and the curse of being a psychic. For years it seems like my Angels and Spirit Guides have been dropping roses beside me—teasing my human-self with the act of falling in love. In the mornings I'll see a red one beside my pillow. Stem perfectly trimmed. Petals softly touching the sheets as if it was placed by the delicate touch of a hand. Even on occasion, the purity of a white one will fall on my keyboard during the most chaotic moments of life. It's a nice reminder that every worry I stare into the eyes of is microscopic; that someone who cares deeply about me is out there floating among the stars.

     Either that, or they're telling me to open a flower shop . . . It's been a little over six years since I've been in a serious relationship.

     Someone like me isn't inclined to rush or even fall quickly for a person I know nothing about. Psychic or not, I'm still human, and the basic interactions of communication and attraction effect me . . . Sometimes me more so than others since I'm incredibly sensitive to the energies that circle. Yet, as easy as it is for me to turn romantic pursuers away if they don't match my energy, the general society does the same. Not out of any insensitive rudeness, but because my vibration is not the normal energy they're used to. Double-edged sword.

     There's an entire aspect of being psychic that may either "help" or "get in the way" depending on how you look at the romantic scenario, and I wish I could say I knew everything about it. The truth is: I don't. And I probably never will.

     Every intuitive is different; what makes us unique is our ability to effectively understand messages from the other side by the heightened use of our senses. The most highly intuitive humans have a full dictionary, if you will, to interpret the messages from Angels & Spirit Guides. Although still actively growing, red and white roses happen to mean love in mine.

     Here's the breakdown:
          Red - A positive/passionate love that feeds your soul.
          White - As my Angels chime, "Forever Love."

     The ultimate goal for us all is to pick up the white rose laying at your feet and live happily ever after, right? That's our pursuit. It's the one we've always dreamed of; the one you read about when you're a child. But how do you cope with the red roses in your life, when you know, down the road, a white one is going to start growing in your garden?

     As my spiritual teacher used to say, "You can always learn something from everyone." I believe that this also applies to dating and relationships. You see, Divine Harmony & Order is a map and route that would make absolutely no sense to us if we saw it in the flesh. I always joke about how it would really look: circles, spirals, and diagonals covering up the majority of the globe. At first glance we think, "this is preposterous," but once you're in the moment and A connects to E, and B knows X, Y, & Z, but B doesn't resurface for twenty years . . . you get the picture. There's a reason for everyone you meet, every place you go, and everything that inspires you.

     Red roses aren't failed relationships—they're timed experiences that give both partners a chance to grow and learn while being in the most absolute powerful fog of emotions available to the hearts of mankind: Love. Who knows, without those late-night conversations, bittersweet memories, or sense of loss (and relief), you may in fact not know how to handle that white rose once it falls into your life! Or, you may not see it as a white rose at all. Desires and perspectives change once we understand what really matters: affection, support, a high concern for your well being, and true love.

     It doesn't matter how long you've seen those white petals; the beauty is that it's present—you have the ability to reach down and pick it up when your stars align. Give it a little time for Divine Harmony & Order to come through . . . It always blossoms into a blessing far better than the human mind could ever fathom.

     In the end, red and white make a perfect shade of pink: God's Love.