Raptors and Remnants: "Serpent Sound"
By: Travis Ram
December 10, 2017

Are you in the mood for some ear AND eye candy? Well, Raptors and Remnants has got you covered with his newest track, “Serpent Sound!"

Raptors and Remnants is the solo project of Nic Gonzales, performing indie pop acoustic music with almost a Coldplay/Death Cab For Cutie kind of vibe. Gonzales’ musicality is quite impressive in “Serpent Sound” and takes you on a fun journey throughout the track. Written, performed, and recorded by Gonzales, “Serpent Sound” has a vulnerable and honest insight about the vast spectrum of love. Superb lyrics exemplify the light and dark contrasts of what true love means. These are physically manifested in the lyric video (watch below) and offer an excellent companion to marry this song. There’s nothing quite like a great track AND killer music video. Raptors and Remnants nailed both of 'em!

Pick up your copy of "Serpent Sound" on iTunes today! This is one band to keep an eye out for.

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