Quiet Disorder X Anderson ft. Katrine Stenbekk: "Silence Before the Storm"
By: Asher Garcia
October 22, 2017

A silky, smooth Pinot Noir with a full body has a close relative in this track.

Quiet Disorder gangs up with Anderson and Katrine Stenbekk to deliver a dream machine powerhouse in “Silence Before the Storm”. Quiet Disorder is a duo steeped in electricity and synth pop that will have your spine tingling from a mile away.

In fact, their facebook notes that they’re music with attitude. You can feel the punchy approach in every heartbeat of this song. With a dose of post-trap, the Norwegian Katrine spreads her vocal wings and soars all over this tune. This isn’t just a single, it’s a home run. They knock it out of the park. Can you catch it?

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