NEW RELEASE! Pace: "The Sea"
By: James Brookes
October 30, 2017

Simply perfect, and soothing to the ear. Pace's new release, "The Sea" gives you those good-time-beachy-vibes even during autumn.

With a lightly acoustic in the background, and a catchy hook, prepare to sit back and relax with good sense on your side. They sing, "If God only gave us some more time..." in the enjoyment of splendor. We only have so much time on Earth, to waste it would be a shame. Thank you, Pace, for bringing clarity to the reality of life. Many times we're all so enthralled with our own foolish gains, we miss the bigger picture. 

We here at Gas Mask are always looking for a new take on a gently warn style. Pace does just that by bringing life to classical pop with aesthetically pleasing sentiments. Get your playlist ready, and add this one to the top. Until then, give Pace a follow on Twitter to keep up with the guys. @pacemelodies