Mono Club: "Place Called Home"
By: Travis Ram
December 10, 2017

Chill rock track? Yes please! If you love Arcade Fire or Of Monsters And Men, Mono Club’s track “Place Called Home” is just what you’re looking for!

“Place Called Home” is a transient rock song packed with rock instrumentation, electro pop synth grooves, and catchy contrasting male and female vocals and it. is. our. jam!! The song exudes glittering energy as the song tells of two conflicted lovers battling egos and inner demons. Your speakers and ears will be blown from how loud you’ll be blasting this song. UK indie psych band, Mono Club will be releasing their debut album next year and we have no doubt that they will blow up the music scene the second the album drops. This track is smooth, fun, sentimental, and everything you need out of a great song. (And hey, who doesn’t love a rock song?)

Head over to their website for more information on their upcoming album. While we’re anxiously anticipating the album drop, purchase your copy of "Place Called Home" on iTunes today!

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