MIDDLESPOON: “LightningBug”
By: Asher Garcia
October 18, 2017

From Banana Pop Records, in Austin, TX comes “LightningBug” by MIDDLESPOON. Get ready to feast your ears on the most funkadelic pop track you've ever heard in your life.

The vocals woo you to the dance floor, and the melody is light and graceful. It is a pleasant listen, full of life and VIBRANT saturation. Romance, itself, gets a theme song here too. Love doesn’t always have to be so droopy and loaded with dramatic layers (hard to believe, right?). This song proves that by expressing the fun, sunny side of affection. Let your lover take a gander at this music video tonight, and it'll reinforce the reasons you each got together in the first place. 

By the way, who is the true middlespoon?