Maple & Rye: "Hymns Of Poseidon"
By: Asher Garcia
October 22, 2017

Maple & Rye, anyone? Me, PLEASE. 

“Hymns Of Poseidon” by Maple & Rye is a tasty cocktail for the ears. The rhythmic (and acoustic) guitar is full of heart and oceanic power. This Swedish group has folk roots and blossoms into their own magnificent musical tree. There’s definite influence, ranging from The Lumineers to The Tallest Man On Earth, in the notes of this beautiful and lively track. Hum along to the melodic strums and the wondrous vocals. You’ll be obsessed and possessed by this zesty tune. 

Be sure to check out the release of their latest EP, "Nothing Poetic" on Spotify—NOW AVAILABLE. You can thank us later.