Luca Fogale: "I Don't Want To Lose You"
By: Travis Ram
December 11, 2017

It doesn’t seem right for me to start this review with any sentence but, “I have not been so affected by a song in a very long time.” Even now, I’m having trouble finding the words full enough to describe Luca Fogale’s beautiful and haunting love ballad. Whether the words are right or not, I simply cannot say enough about this track!

You can certainly guess what a song called, “I Don’t Want To Lose You” is about, and I would bet you’d be correct. But what cannot be anticipated is the overwhelmingly wonderful combination of Fogale’s uncanny vocal ability, the alluring piano, and the heartbreakingly gorgeous lyrics. This magical concoction creates an anxious yet hopeful plea to a lover, a plea that we have all made at a time in our lives. Fogale’s masterful exhibition of being unwilling to be a past, assures him to be an artist to watch in the future.

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