Liza Anne: "Paranoia"
By: Travis Ram
December 15, 2017

Mental illness is an unfortunate reality in our society that far too many people suffer in silence from. Many others take no effort to give that silence a voice. Liza Anne, a Nashville singer/songwriter found the courage to attempt being that voice with “Paranoia."

While everyone’s journey is different, “Paranoia” is a portrait of what it’s like to live with mental illness based on her own lifelong battle with anxiety.

“Paranoia” is not only an intense song in subject matter, but intense in concept and execution. The song takes you through various stages of anxiety. It is intricately crafted with contrasting speeds, sounds and dynamic lyrics. It is special in ways you have to experience for yourself. All we can say is, thank you, Liza for this gift. Your bravery and ability to turn your struggle into stunning art is something to really marvel.

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