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J.W. CUDD's New Single "BOOMERANG" Will Keep You Coming Back For More
By: Taylor Thompson
October 13, 2016

     It’s been over a year since Pop/Country Artist J.W. CUDD has had a new music release, but he’s back with an intoxicating new track: BOOMERANG. Rightfully titled, the track contains pop-induced beats with hooky melodies from start to finish — a product that can easily be compared to Taylor Swift's album "Red" or Sam Hunt's "Montevallo" — all of which keep you coming back for more.

     With a new release on September 8th, and a music video that'll keep you — MORE THAN — captivated, the BOOMERANG singer is letting the Universe decide where he needs to be in the circus show of entertainment. You last saw CUDD promoting his single “Open Your Heart” — a song dedicated to creating awareness and raising proceeds for the National American Heart Association. But even though CUDD has kept quiet since then, many endeavors have been silently working in the wings for the Texas Native. 

     “After the release of Open Your Heart, I was busy playing shows and promoting the single - trying to make a move for the American Heart Association. It seemed like a great year of PR — something every artist needs to fuel the fire of their career, you know? After the release, a film I was lucky enough to be part of ( LISTEN ) began four months of preview screenings for high schools around the nation. With the camaraderie of the director, producers, and cast, we were able to not only attend and promote the screenings, but also connect with everyone who had a chance to see the film before it hits theatres.” CUDD notes, “That was the best part; we got to actually meet people who were affected by the film.”

     Yet with all that has been taking place in Hollywood for the LISTEN actor, CUDD is beginning a new chapter: Boomerang. A track inspired by CUDD's life off screen. “Boomerang highlights the troubled emotions I was facing behind the camera. I was at a point in my life where I was consumed by the need to please someone in order for them to like me; someone I loved had no emotional value or respect for who I was. It was a hard dose of reality and seemed like all the color of my life had been wrenched from my soul for a little while. Boomerang was the final step in closing that door and understanding my own worth."

Photographer:  Casey Masamitsu

Photographer: Casey Masamitsu

     Inadvertently, when asked about the underlying message of the catchy track, CUDD pointed out its positive overtone. “I like to think the tune came from a beautiful disaster. I’m a strong believer in positive karma and letting God lead you to the right people and destinations in life. For me, this was the first time I gave all of my worries and concerns to The Universe. I struggled with trying to control situations, but after a few months, obstacles were cleared out of my way in order to bring this song to life. Things that I would normally stress about were effortlessly taken care of. In a sense, if I didn’t go through the grueling circumstances of a broken heart, the song would have never been written. More importantly, I wouldn’t have understood that I'm perfect the way I am . . . Back then I didn’t have confidence or a sense of self-respect — letting others walk all over me if they pleased. I don’t have time for any of that bullshit now, and I certainly don’t have time for anyone who doesn’t love me for me."

     CUDD noted on how some of his songs are brought to life, and it's not what you would expect. “Everyone has their own thing, I guess you could say. I write in the studio or with co-writers, but that's not where my best songs come from." CUDD says, "It's this weird meditation that happens when I know a good one is coming around the bend. I can feel the thoughts and emotions swirl around me until one day — most often times, in the middle of night — a song officially lands into my lap. It’s similar to the stars aligning, only in my case, it’s a melody fusing with lyrics that are able to coordinate with what my heart feels. That’s where "Boomerang" came from. At four AM, I heard singing, and here we are.”

     Despite the song being a hit in our book, the music video will keep you watching until the very end. From denim hair to Gas Mask street art, CUDD came up with the treatment and went on to direct the video. Here's what the "Open Your Heart" singer had to say, "Since Gas Mask Magazine's slogan is 'Be Who You Are' I couldn't find a better way to really symbolize the overall message of the video: Love people for who they are. I wanted the video to show the metaphysical side of my story through the meaning of color — without it, our life would be so dull. Furthermore, I loved the idea of using polaroids as a symbol for the past, present, and future. Not every story is sad, and many times, there's a happy ending whether we realize it or not. It may not be what we thought it would be, but there's a mysterious form of Divine Harmony & Order in every chaotic situation. People can change if they want to; it's your choice to open the door, or keep it closed, after they've done you wrong. From experience, it's a catch-22 so it's best to let The Universe decide for you." CUDD said with a smile.

     And if you're dying to know if his old flame ever came back around? Well, stay tuned for a follow-up interview with the Pop/Country singer/songwriter.

     Haven't seen the music video yet? Check it out below! "BOOMERANG" is now available on iTunes so you can keep coming back for more. We sure will be! #BOOMERANG