DENM: "The Christmas Song"
By: Andrew Klasnic
December 07, 2017


DENM comes in hot with a BASS-heavy-take on one of our favorite Christmas Classics!  The unique vocal blend cleans this classic up for a makeover, and we like it. 

It's an electro/EDM vibe that throws in some hip-hop elements to keep you guessing; who doesn't like a good surprise? Just when you thought you knew what was going on, DENM change the vibe with a scratchy, slowed down vocal rendition of the verse. Then, they give you a Rick Ross type back-up vocal that throws you for another fun loop. 

Also, the infusion of the jingle bell deserves a mic drop.

If you are looking for something to diversify the holiday playlist with, look no further! Pick up your copy of "The Christmas Song" on iTunes today. 

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