Brother Sundance: "Blind"
By: Travis Ram
December 10, 2017

I truly believe one of the most powerful things in the world is when someone you’ve never met, and probably never will meet, can write a song that perfectly describes a moment in your life. It embodies how you feel, what you experienced, and the rawness of that moment. The latest track to do that is “Blind” by Brother Sundance

“Blind” is a transient commercial track with a catchy melody and an agreeable beat; it gets you before any of the vocals come in. However, when the vocals do kick in, they sing of a time we all know too well: waiting for someone to reach out to you. How a relationship, or one that may or may not even start makes you feel. The lyrics and beat combine perfectly to create a destructive, angry, yet beautifully sad world of the head space we all unfortunately know too well. People all over the internet are loving and identifying with this track so much that we had to check it out for ourselves! Needless to say, we totally get it. As an added bonus, Brother Sundance released an official video for this track! Watch it below.

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