Becca Krueger: "We All In It"
By: Travis Ram
December 10, 2017

Planning a trip home for the holidays means planning your travel playlist. Thankfully, Colorado native Becca Krueger has released “We All In It;” a chill must-have for not only your holiday travels, but to sit around a fire and share with your friends!

“We All In It” is beautifully layered with chill, electro pop and EDM grooves backing a voice to rival Ellie Goulding with intriguing juxtapositions intertwined throughout the track. The beat itself is easy to listen to, which somehow exudes chill vibes while making you want to dance. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the songs are poignant, capturing the current millennial struggle but providing a positive light. We simply can’t decide which aspect of the song we like the most! We'll leave it up to you, Gas Maskers.

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