AU8UST: "Hold Me Down"
By: Travis Ram
December 10, 2017

The core of Gas Mask Magazine is Be Who You Are, and if there’s any artist who brings that idea to life it’s AU8UST: artist, designer, singer, songwriter and music producer. While it’s seemingly impossible to choose just one song to review from his work, we've got to tell you about his newest track “Hold Me Down.”

“Hold Me Down” is a chillstep track, featuring light and airy beats with a rap style delivery of lyrics. Long story short, you will get lost in the best head space. A positive song about staying upright when people may get in the way of you living your best self. "Ain’t nobody holding you down” when you listen to this track. If you’re looking for a chill, fun song to get your day started, or make that after-work-exhaustion a little more bearable, this is the song you’ve been waiting for. 

You can purchase AU8UST's track on iTunes today! For more information on AU8UST visit: 

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