Ann Taylor: "Sober"
By: Andrew Klasnic
December 07, 2017

Artist Ann Taylor brings a vulnerable realness in her latest pop single! Listen below.

“Sober” takes us on the journey of life’s emotional complexities. The battle of a sober reality hitting hard. A beautiful mellow vibe combined with Ann’s angelic voice somehow brings out an edginess that hits with strength. 

Another cool stimulant you ask? The subtleness of the electric guitar and the tribal-type drum that rounds out the beat nicely. You can tell Ann has poured her heart out. Comforting with a resonating feel that many can relate to. Add this one to your mellow beats and deep thinking playlists.  

Grab your copy of "Sober" on iTunes today. Be sure to check out our Gas Mask FAVORITES Spotify Playlist to hear this jewel as well!

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