8 Graves: "Hang"
By: Travis Ram
December 15, 2017

New York future grunge band 8 Graves has released a new single, “Hang” and it’s punching us right in the feels. The song features well constructed, emotional grooves and a thought provoking quality, but where it really hits home is in the lyrics and subject matter.

“Hang” is about being taken advantage of one too many times. That we may have people in our lives who are toxic to our well being, but for whatever reason, we may not be able to let them go. It poses the thought of how much are we willing to take from those we deserve better and why? With such a universal concept, it’s lyrics cut right to the heart of us who have been there. Perhaps even those who will continue to be there. “Hang” gives you the strength to look in the mirror and make a choice for yourself. It is wonderful, it is poignant, and we cannot wait to hear more from 8 Graves.

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