3 New Folk Tracks You'll Love This Fall
By: James Brookes
October 10, 2017

We all like the smooth, rural and sometimes rough around the edges tracks that sound like purity to our ears. Lucky you—we've found three up-and-coming folk bands that will soon be a MUST on your Spotify playlist. Check them out below, and tweet us your favorites at: @GasMaskMagazine!


1. Crooked Weather - "Rabbit Holes"

With pure musicality and gentle strokes to keep you infused, Crooked Weather will bring delight to your ears on, "Rabbit Holes." The enriching harmonies and unique interchangeability of vocals echo haunting sounds that will leave you eager to hear over and over again. Another great favorite? The minor noted details. A folk track in a minor key not only adds a fresh new sound, it brings interest to our ears. We're loving this one!


2. Simen Mitlid - "This Time"

Right off of Simen's debut album (released September 28th), "This Time" contains earnest and honest vocals. The staccato nature of his portrayal is a nice touch that creatives a real, but natural feel. A progressive flow of musicality moves this modern day vintage song along, leading to a well-developed structure in the form of folk art. Gentle harmonies keep the track light and airy while the music, itself, holds the weight. Prepare to get this one on the dial for a relaxing evening. 


3. Parker Twomey - "Sweater"

17-year-old Parker Twomey will swoon you one lyric at a time on his latest track, "Sweater." Composed of truthful, honest, and unpolished sounds, Parker has embarked on the journey of truthful art. As said by the young songwriter, “I respect anyone who can be completely honest. Most people aren’t.” It's nice to have a young soul who is not encapsulated by autotune. After all, being honest to yourself (and others) goes above and beyond in this day in age.